School for Logistics and Business Studies (SLBS)


School for Logistics and Business Studies (SLBS), Marklance is a globally recognized educational consultancy. SLBS is counted as one of the leading
business schools in the arena of logistics and supply chain management. Our major focus is on providing quality education entwined with industry-oriented training programs, thereby molding up a team of skilled management professionals.

SLBS prevails on the vision to bring about highly motivated and socially committed professionals who are excellent to cope up with the needs of the
business industry. We have trained thousands of professionals throughout our industrial experience of a decade and more. Our training is based on a globally accepted curriculum that provides international certification in  management studies. Located in the heart of the industrial and logical hub of Kerala, we believe that education is a fundamental right and everyone should have equal access to quality education. We strongly uphold this emotion and strive to create opportunities for the people with genuine aspiration and honest intension, seeking excellent educational quality and student services.

Our Programs

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply chain Management

MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Our Certifications




“I am happy that I am an SLBS product. Being an ecstatic business lead, I am verygrateful to the people of SLBS for the quality training and wide exposure equipped for its students.”


“SLBS was one among the perfect decisions in my academic journey where I was provided with finely selective courses and several industrial experiences.”


“I was a student of SLBS, one of the leading logistic training institutions in Kerala. To get trained under Jinka ma’am, I can say that was my best experience of my academic journey.”


“I am an alumnus of one of the best business and logistic schools of Kerala, the SLBS. To get trained with industrial-focused courses and to get numerous chances for business interactions, I believe SLBS was the best choice I made for logistic training.”